Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Best Memorial Day Ever!

Last Monday was Memorial Day.  It was another beautiful day.  I took the kids over to the playground to meet baby Quinn.  
Ashley had slept over and was still with us.  
Ariel is great with Quinn.  

The twins made friends.  
Margot came to the beach with us to help.  She's Dave and Julia's 15 year old.  
Steven found a whole crab.  
Margot and the boys tried to dig to China.  
Ariel had 2 friends.  Harper came to stay with us as her parents went home early and Margot brought Juliet.  
There was a sandbar again.  
Eli made it to the sandbar.  We all did.  

Ariel whined about coming.  
But she will go where Harper is.  
So cute!
Noah freaked out about something.  I gave him my camera and told him to take a picture as a distraction.  This is what he took!
The beach was crowded but the teens were gone.  
Of course we did some tumbling.  

We got lunch delivered.  
Then ice cream.
Best buddies.  
Did we get to China yet?  I want an egg roll.
They did some stunting.  

Then enjoyed the sun.  

I was much smarter.  Lots of lotion and kept my shirt on.  It was painful to shower with the sunburn.  Ugh.  

Julia and Dave walked down to sit with us.  That's a long walk and she has a broken toe!
Let's get buried!
Over to the pool for a bit.  

The twins got new matching robes.  
It's time to go girls.  
We packed up, cleaned up and headed home plus 1!  This car really does hold a lot.  Seven people and all their stuff!


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