Monday, March 16, 2015


So last night was nice for us.  The nurse had a tough night though. Noah was straining to go to the bathroom the whole time.  That's the way Ariel was.  We will ask the doctor about that Wednesday. Amy and the boys had an outing.  She took them with her to the chiropractor.  I cooked dinner tonight and I noticed that I never take pictures when I cook.  I guess I'm too busy.  We should stick with the takeout so I have more time to play with the kids. 

These were from one night last week.  
 They are cute so I won't complain.
 Amy and the boys met me for lunch one day.
 Look who came for a visit.  Mrs. Gainsley!  Aden was so excited.
 He showed her his room.  It was a quick visit.  Poor Aden wanted her to stay.
This is the day we went to Children's Hospital.  It's amazing that we have it so close but it's still a place you never want to go to. 
 Aden had the Wii so he was all set.
First up, Eli got his hips checked.  Because he was breech, they will have to monitor them for a year.  So far all looks good.
We fed Eli before we headed out for lunch.  They are moving the whole hospital across the street.  The new building is wild looking.
It was a cold and windy walk across the University of Pennsylvania's campus.  It was quiet too.  Must have been Spring break.
We had a very nice lunch at the White Dog Cafe.
Cool place.

We had to pick up some hot, fresh Federal donuts next door.  Then we headed back to the hotel for Aden's bone density scan.
Back home later we tried out the two quilts that Leslie and Keith sent us from Florida.  They are awesome!

This is the life.

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