Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ariel's Medal

It's Tuesday night and we are eagerly awaiting the nurse.  Last night wasn't so bad.  We got a 4 hour stretch, from 3-7.  The night before too.  That's a good trend!  We are excited for the boy's 1 month checkup tomorrow.  We can't wait to see how big they got. About 2 this morning, I had to come up with some mischief for the leprechaun to get in to.  I had forgotten that we did something last year so Aden would be anticipating it.  I pulled something together, which I will share later.  Back to last week.

The boys were not thrilled to be hanging by themselves on the sofa.
Mommy can fix that.
 Back to the sofa.
 Soccer with daddy.  I love our special daddy/baby girl time.
She was excited to play.
 I finally remembered to put up her hair and tie back her shirt.

 Run fast!

 My cutie.

 So little.

 She got her medal!
 Here are some outtakes from the 1 month shoot.

 Uh oh!

 I have plenty of blankets and quilts for the next 11 months!

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