Thursday, March 19, 2015

Worth More Than Gold

It's Thursday night.  The weeks are going too fast.  The boys are now 5 weeks old!  I'm busy baking cupcakes for Ariel's belated St. Paddy's Day party tomorrow.  I dyed them green and they look nasty!  We just got Aden's baseball schedule.  He has 2 or 3 games per week!  Get ready for lots of baseball pictures!  He's with his buddies Ben, Jake and Jack.  He's excited.  We just found out Aden is in the district art show.  We can't wait to see what he made!  

These are the leftover pictures from last weekend.  Here the boys are modeling the outfits Maura got them.
Joseph and Gina came to meet the babies.

 We are eagerly awaiting the new baby boy!  
 This was sweet!
 Lindsay, Chad and Jax came to hang out.

 Lindsay didn't want to let go of the babies.
 Ariel and Jax played very nicely.

Time for swim at the NAC.
 They always play a little basketball.

 Jackie was there double fisting it!
 Baby Christian is getting big!

 She goes right in and doesn't wait for us.  Just a bit scary.
 These are a little fuzzy for some reason.

 Go Nicky!
 Splash daddy!

 Big jumps!  Have a great weekend!

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