Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Fog

Well that was a pretty quiet weekend.  I think we were just out of it from being tired.  The boys were not so cooperative the last 2 nights. Thankfully the nurse just arrived so we are going to bed shortly.  The weather also wasn't so great.  Rainy Saturday and crazy cold Sunday.  We have the boys 1 month checkup Wednesday.  We are excited to see how big they are.  Both older kids are done their sports.  Aden starts baseball in a few weeks. We think we might sign up Ariel for a different soccer and maybe even dance.

Back to last Monday for a short post.  Baby Eva and those people and dog that she travels around with came over for dinner.  Aden is ready for lessons.

 Someone is ready for her own iPad.

 She goes right up the stairs.  We may have to put the gate back up.
 Ariel likes to put her dolls in the car seats.
 It got warmer so the snow started melting.
 It was foggy for a couple of days.  
 These are funny binkies.

 Eli has one too.
 Our little rock star.
 Baby girl in the basket.
 Real baby in the basket.
Amy took a walk up to the school to pick up Aden and sent me this pic.  Turns out she barely made it there but she decided the way back was too flooded to try again so she left the twins and Aden and school and went back to get her car.  I'm sure everyone at school was excited.

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