Thursday, March 12, 2015

Rolling the Dough

It's Thursday night and the nurse should be returning. Again last night we got very little sleep.  Not only was Eli up all night but Ariel was on top of me too.  It's 9:44 and I plan to be in bed by 10!  Today we went to Children's Hospital in Philly because Aden and Eli needed scans.  I will talk more about that later.  Everyone is good though.  I didn't take many pictures this week so I'm just going to finish off last weekend and save what pictures I have for Monday.

Swim.  I think it's time to move her up to the next level which means I'm going to be sadly out of the pool.  Maybe we will start with the twins in the Fall so I will be back in before we know it.

Ariel and her friend Olivia.  Olivia was terrified the first few classes but is warming up.
Big crowd on the boat.

Loves those jumps.
He wanted to play chess!  He just read a book about it.
He kept thinking checkers though.
Playing with our robots in the afternoon.
Such a great mommy.
My family came for dinner and to make Hamantaschen for Purim.
 Aden liked getting dirty.

 We love when others want to hold them!
 Strawberry and cherry.

 My grandmother was in her glory.
 Uh oh, getting the stink eye.
 I noticed a fox out back!
 Finally we got to eat the cookies.
 Noah kept staring at Bubbie.
Which made her laugh.  It's 10 and the nurse just got here.  Good night!

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