Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bye May

It's Wednesday night and all the schools are closed already for tomorrow before one single flake has fallen.  This will hopefully be it for the season but who knows.  Tonight all six of us went back to synagogue for Purim services.  The boys just slept right through it but we had fun.  Here are some random pictures from last weekend.

Amy and the boys.
 This was their first outing to a restaurant.  Amy went with the nurse and her mom.  The new stroller is working out well.
Saturday morning it was back to soccer.
Aden is getting much more aggressive.

Ariel always making friends. 

Back in goal.  What's with my kids?

The proud dads.

We have all been practicing holding two.
Best friends.
 Love that smile!
 Celebrating Uncle Mark's birthday.

First bath!  We made sure we got one in with the nurse before she left.

 They were both very good!
 The bath wore them out.

 Ariel cried when we told her May was leaving.
 Bye May!  Thanks for everything!
 We can do this this on our own!

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