Friday, March 6, 2015

Purim Carnival

Well today was hopefully the last of the Winter.  The long range forecasts are showing 50's for next week which will take care of the 8" we got today!  It was a complete white out the whole day.  I will share those pictures later.  We just got a call that there is a 2 hour delay tomorrow for the third time this week plus todays snow day.  Hopefully they won't have to make any of this up.  Tonight is going to be a long night.  We don't know if it's a growth spurt but Eli has not stopped eating all day.  He also hasn't slept.  Wish us luck!

Back to last Saturday, Andrew, Alicia, Brendan and Devin came to hang.  The girls got right to playing.
All the boys need is an iPad.
Girls are way better at playing.

Andy and Alicia loved holding the babies.  It was nice for the break!
 Look at that look!
It was great as always to see them.
 Sunday was our first family outing!  The six of us went to synagogue for the Purim Carnival.  Ariel and Ashley got right to it.
 It was quite a setup there.
 The kids just took their tickets and ran off with their friends.
 We found them at golf.

 Lots of good food.
 Ariel and small and big friends.
 The twins were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to look at them and they had lots of questions.  
There were so many young people there, which we are so happy about.  
 Of course we loved seeing our buddies.
 Getting prizes with the tickets won from games.

 The boys slpet the whole time.  
 Getting everyone in the car during a snowstorm was fun.
 Had to literally throw the big kids in the back.
 We had been worried about Noah's weight because he did not gain very much by his second weigh in and he spits up a lot so we took him to the doctor.  He gained a ton of weight!
 Yay me!
 I went to pick up Ariel so her friends got to meet at least one of the boys.

 Adam and Brianna's new sister!

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