Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So Much for Sleep

It's just about 10:00 on Tuesday night and the nurse just got here so I'm going to be really fast so I can go to sleep!  Last night was pretty bad.  We didn't sleep at all.  Oh no, the nurse just got a call, she's leaving!  She also helps with deliveries and someone's water just broke.  So much for sleep.

Friday morning we had some guests in bed.  I will spare Amy a picture of her but she worried she wouldn't be able to cuddle in bed with the twins after the morning feeding like she would always do with the other kids just because it might be too hard with two. With me there she was able to do it.
Under the blankets was the place to be.
The aftermath of the storm.
 I took Ariel to school and headed to work.
Aden was off for a second day in a row and went ice cream and bowling with grandmom.
Ariel's teacher said she kept talking about a volcano she had a home.  They didn't know what she was talking about.  I figured it out when we got home.  It's a mold to build one!  I guess she found it.
Saturday morning was soccer.
 Aden does better every week.  Too bad after next week, he won't be playing soccer again until September.

 Ariel and Ryan couldn't be bothered.  
 After soccer I dropped off Aden at Jake's house.  Ariel wanted to stay and play with Lilly but we had to get home for her playdate with Sammy.
 So glad they are still buddies even though they don't go to school together.

We had some visitors when we got home.
 Such a big girl.  Loves to play with Ariel.

 Playing the ukelele.
 I can shoot my own basket shots.

I just thought this was cute.

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