Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Party in the Crib

It's Tuesday night and our house has a couple of exciting days coming up.  We got a new slide for the swing set which we are going to put on and we are redoing our bathroom on the first floor. The garage is full of giant boxes.  

They looked alike when they were born.  Then we began to notice some big differences.  Now I think they look the same again. 
My grandmother got her weekly fill of the boys.
 Hey there Eli.              

 Barbecue from the Newtown Farmer's Market.

 I dad followed Aden into the basement to play.  That was nice.

 Aden did a good job reading.
 Almost 95!  Barely born!
 She was trying to teach them a card game.

 Cuddling in the crib.

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