Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Little Goalie

It's late Tuesday night and I have no idea what it is doing outside. It started out as snow but quickly changed to ice and sleet.  Luckily we are all cozy inside.  Last night was tough but I think we are starting to get the rhythm.  The feedings were at 11, then 2 then 5.  I would have preferred it be an hour later because once you are up at 5 it's silly to go back to sleep but I have to believe it can only get better.  I think Ariel might be starting to get jealous of the attention the babies are getting.  We are trying as hard as we can to keep things normal for the older ones but it's hard.  It seems we always have to be feeding the babies when it's bed time so we are cutting things short for Aden and Ariel.  Ariel has been fighting going to bed and really not listening.  

Back to last Wednesday night.  Some family cuddles.

Ariel missed the last 2 weeks of soccer.  For the birth and the bris!  She was ready to get back to it.

 She may be little but she's got spunk!

 Kick it!

 She played goalie just like Aden.

Thursday night, we were still trying to figure out the bedtime routine.

 Jumping to Friday night, my parents brought us dinner.  
 Uh oh, it's the twins last night with May the nurse!

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