Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bowling in the Dark

It's Wednesday night.  We had a nice dinner with Gina, Mike and Joe.  Still waiting for her baby.  She loves ours and wanted to hold them all night.  Can't wait for the boys to have a new friend.  The nurse just got here so I'm headed to bed in moments.  Last night was really rough.  The boys only slept for like an hour at a time and kept grazing.  They would just drink an ounce or so then fall back asleep.  Growth spurt?  They are 6 weeks tomorrow!

Over the weekend we had Benjamin's party at Brunswick Bowling. All those years at Breezy Point, every party was the whole class. This year, Aden was only invited to two parties and they were just the boys.  This was the first time I saw everyone there.  Ariel was super excited to bowl and play with Aden's friends.
 I hate bothering people with the flash but it is really dark in there and they come out so much better.
 Ariel kept jumping on the kids and kissing them!
 She did well bowling and really liked it.
 Aden did well too.  
 I guess anyone can do well with bumpers.

 As she ran, her pants kept falling down!
 The boys chased her around too.

 2 ice cream cakes from Cold Stone.
 Ben enjoying his cake.
 Cute kids.
While they did laser tag, I had to keep Ariel busy.  She's too young for it.  That was kind of a bummer.  I like laser tag!
 She kept wanting to play the Batman game.
 We met my parents at Denny's to do some shopping for the kids.  We ran into a bunch of people.  There's Sophie and Melissa.
 The boys were a big hit.
 Aden and Brody tried on clothes together.

 It was a long day and we picked out lots of great clothes.
 There's Ali!
 The proud grandparents.

 I love the pics of the grandpas with the babies.  Alright, it's 10:23 and I can't believe I haven't gone to bed yet, see ya!

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