Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Slow Driving

No nurse tonight and we are already off schedule.  The boys started to eat at 9 but both fell asleep right away so we don't know what's going to happen the rest of the night.  The streak of 4 hour nights was broken last night.  They were up a lot and somehow Aden ended up in our bed.  That is a really rare occurrence so as you can figure, Ariel was the only one to really get any sleep.  We are finally watching the last Glee before we head upstairs.  

Back to Friday.  It snowed pretty heavily all day.  It was a mess when I left work.
I really thought that storm 2 weeks ago would be the last of the season.  Guess I was wrong.  The roads were surprisingly bad.
Got Aden.

 Usually a storm this late has a hard time sticking.  Our street wasn't plowed until late.
 Made it home with the kids.  It was pretty scary.
 We ended up with about 7 inches!
 We would have play outside if it wasn't so cold and dark.
 The deer didn't seem to mind.
We made dinner and stayed in.  Bath time for the boys!

 They don't seem to mind it.

 All clean!
 Cuddles with the big siblings.

 I love this look.

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