Sunday, November 6, 2016


It's Sunday night.  All I can say is phew.  Even though we didn't do a lot, I need a weekend to recover from this weekend.  Let's do this so I can go to sleep.  

I left you last week after the 2nd game of Aden's soccer tournament.  We had some time, so we wandered over to buy a video game then eat lunch.
When we got back, the kids had some more time to play their game.

Cute pic.

Ok, game 3 action.
 Our boys dominated again.  Aden was in the middle of the action.

 Impatiently waiting to get back in the game.

 They take a kneel when someone gets hurt.
 They won!  We packed up to leave figuring the season was over but the league people ran over and told us to wait around, none of the teams won all three games so there was going to be a shootout.  
 The kids played while we waited.
 I had to go home and watch the babies so Amy could go to the salon.  We had a wedding to get ready for!
 A six seater folding bench.  Sold!
 So I went home to get ready.  Aden came back about an hour later to tell us that they won the shootout and were going to the championship game!  I was so sad I would miss it but Mark said he would take him.  
 While we were at the wedding we got updates from Mark and our other friends.  They even sent some pictures.  They went up 3-0 and won the game! 
 Here's a quick clip of their excitement.

Jake's mom sent this pic.  It has to be one of the best ever taken of Aden.  Have you ever seen such joy in him?
 Loving his medal.
 It's even better that he won with his buddies.  
 Awesome season guys!  The coaches are going to take them to Skyzone to celebrate.  Here is your 2016 Council Rock United Soccer Champions!
 Back to the wedding.  It was black tie.  It's been a long time since I've worn my tux and it took some googling to remember how to tie my bowtie.  We drove into the city to Vie, where we met up with my family and people from work.  I sent this picture of Amy and I at the ceremony when one of the mom's asked us why we weren't at the game.  
Very nice ceremony.  I used to know the rabbi.  He did a great job.
This was a poorly posed picture.  Everyone was wondering if we had something to report.  No.  
 It was decorated beautifully.

 The cake was like a mullet.  All business in the front...
 and a party in the back!
We had a great time dancing, eating and mingling.
 Cool shot.

 We were there till well after 12.  We weren't asleep till around 2.  It was a long night for us!

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