Monday, November 28, 2016

Good Job Ariel

It's Monday night and we are watching the Eagles game.  They are losing but it has been entertaining.  Aden was crying he wanted to stay up to watch it with us but it's just too late.  Speaking of Aden, double ear infection.  Did you all take advantage of Cyber Monday?  Amy and I did our fair share and then some!

Back to last week.  Someone got into the Cheerios again.  
 Why hello there.
 Watch out Noah, you may be in the way of that baby coming out!
 Our sweet boy.
 How did this happen?
 Noah didn't want to smile.
 Let's get on Marilyn's lap.

Yes, Eli took the Elmo drum from that girl.
 We got to try out our new parking space at the synagogue.  At the Vodka Karaoke night, we won the raffle and got a reserved parking spot for a year!

 Right by the door.
 Ariel's last gym class for the session.
 Loving that trampoline.

 She gets very silly.

 The kids got to go up on the pad and get their ribbons.
 Good job Ariel!
 They keep forgetting to take off their clothes before they get in the shower.

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