Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Trunk or Treat

Does anyone else have way too much trash by trash day?  We used to have 2 pick ups a week.  The once a week we have now is not enough, especially when you have 2 babies in diapers.  Somehow it became my job to take it all out every week.  I can't wait till Aden is old enough to take over.  I hate going out there when it's cold.  

Back to last Friday.  Boys, I don't think that's what the train table is for.
 When they get older, it will be fun to set up the trains for them.
 Where are you going Noah?
In to the garage to help setup daddy's car for Trunk or Treat at Aden's school.
 Bev helped is get it ready.

 Everyone got involved.
 All set up by 5:00.  
 They had a lot of room for more cars but they stopped accepting them.  I'm not sure why.
 The kids had fun running from car to car trick or treating.
 They had a really yummy barbecue truck there.
 I didn't get a great picture of my trunk but it came out cute.  We had two buckets deep down in the trunk.  One was full of candy and the other was full of slime with some candy on top.  
 The guy across from me.
 The kids all loved putting their hands in the slime.  

 Inside they had food and lots of activities.
 The kids got up on the stage and ran around.

 Big turnout.
 The kid played games.

 You might remember spooky hallway from a couple of year ago.  The kids passed last year and this year!
 Ariel got a tattoo.
 The twins for new super sized lovies.
 Good night!

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