Thursday, November 10, 2016

Why Do We Keep Buying Cheerios?

It's Thursday night and I just got back from our synagogue guy's night out.  That was fun.  They used to have these more often but it's been a while.  Let's finish off last week.

I brought home some goodies from New York.
Crazy rice krispie treats!
 Ariel and Chloe, buddies.

 Uh oh, this can only lead to trouble.
 And it did...

 What are we going to do with these 2?

 What else can they get in to?
 This was late at night.  Eli should have been asleep.
 He was missing the fun.

 Aden was nice enough to read to Ariel and Eli for us.

 What do you see Noah?
 Oh, they are trimming our oak trees.
 Eli still loves to play with the scary Halloween skull.

 Are they helping?  Not so sure.

 That's my boy!
 I went to visit my grandmother and her sister.  Here come the young ladies!
 They are actually pretty fast.
 My cousin Carol was in from Florida.  Her aunt was there for physical therapy so she got to visit 3 aunts at the same time.
 Carol and John are a cute couple.  They live in Boca.  Why don't we?
 The ladies and I. Have a great weekend!

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