Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Good Hanging Eli!

It's Wednesday night before 9 and I intend to be asleep by 9.  These pics are still from last week.  Haven't made it to the weekend yet.  

The babies are always silly!
 They keep eyeing Aden's Legos.  

 What are you up to Eli?
 Aden and Ariel put on a show for us while we got the babies ready for bed.

This was the next morning.  Ariel went into Eli's crib to read to the babies.

Noah for some reason wanted to fill the crib with books.

 Eli escaped so we all know that that means.

All books on the floor!
 Baby gymnastics at the NAC.
 The babies are warming up to the parachute.
 Where is your nose?
 Where is your head?
 They did the obstacle course.

 Good hanging Eli!

 They found the Halloween decorations.

 This was late at night.  It's now been 2 and a half weeks since both babies have slept through the night.

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