Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wet Socks

It's Tuesday night around 10.  Both babies were just up screaming but are now back in.  Hopefully that will be it for the night.  I was doing better, but now I'm just tired all the time again.  I can't wait to finish this and go to bed.  I don't even watch tv anymore.  I'm so backed up with things to watch.

Back to music.
 Miss Marilyn being silly.
 I keep trying these selfies.
 The boys still seem to like it.


 Ariel went to the doctor to check out her dark tooth.  She ran into a friend.  They screamed out the alphabet song.  
 Ariel has fun everywhere.

Off the sofa.

 Check out their socks.  They were playing in a wet shower.

 Yes, I know, we need to put the cereal higher.

 Always very busy.

 Someone found mommy's pocketbook.

 My cutie in her new outfit.
 Aden's hebrew school teacher sent this.

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