Sunday, November 20, 2016

Tickle Me Eli

It's a cold and windy Sunday night.  So crazy after flirting with the 70's Friday and Saturday, we had snow flurries and insane winds today. Somehow we have arrived at Thanksgiving week.  Aden has very little school and I don't have to make him lunch!  The babies have been as crazy as usual but thankfully have been sleeping better.

Let's finish off last weekend.  Sunday morning we had the Hanukkah Bazaar at our synagogue.  Ariel was blown away by the choice of nail polish.
There were tons of vendors.
Our friends Suzanne and Ilina sell jewelry.  
The boys got some fun snacks.  

Then I took Ariel to her second party of the weekend at Chuck E Cheese.  
Very exciting rides.
 The girls went crazy climbing and running around.

 She loves being with her buddies.

 A quick break.
 Hey Ashley!
 In the photo booth.

 Ariel was not very good at skeet ball.
 One day these two will be drinking something very different at some cool bar in the city.

 Ariel is still unsure about the characters.
 Sweet girls.
 Where is your fist Noah?
 Picnic on the trampoline.

 That afternoon, Amy took Aden to Sky Zone for the soccer team celebration.  The boys played trampoline dodgeball the whole time then had some pizza.  Congrats on the great championship season CRUSA Knights!
This was Ariel's Thanksgiving project from 2 year ago.  
 Time to work on this years.  Bev likes to help.  She had a teepee shape again so we referenced the old one.
 Having fun with Tickle Me Elmo.

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