Sunday, November 13, 2016


It's Sunday night and all is quiet for a moment.  For the last 2 weeks, at least 1 or both of the babies has gotten up several time during the night.  We have no idea why but it's super annoying! We are both so tired.  We had a pretty quiet weekend.  Some parties and and a nice dinner with friends but that's about it.  I'm really behind on pictures.  These are from a week ago Saturday.  

Breakfast time.

 Ariel has a tiny whisk to help me make pancakes.
 Dance time!
 Ariel is starting a new trend.  Backwards sweatshirt!
 My cousin Carol was in from Florida, as I mentioned with the pictures of my grandmother, so we had a last minute cousin meet up.  This picture came out really well!
My grandmother hadn't seen the kids for a while so she was obviously excited.
 Took some shots with the portrait setting on the iPhone.  

 Aden loved being with Jacob and Jonah.
 Jonah was great with the babies.

 Both Ariel and Sophie cried when it was time to leave each other.

 Bev took this.
The kids played games outside.

 The rest of the day was lazy.  

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