Monday, November 7, 2016

The Count

So Ariel's front tooth has turned dark.  I took her to the dentist.  He says best he can figure, there was some kind of trauma to the tooth. There is nothing they can do about it.  Of course, it's above the missing tooth, so now it looks like she has a huge gap on the right side of her mouth.  She will look so different in a few years with her grown up teeth!  I'm sitting by the computer in my sweats, with a blanket over me.  I'm near the fireplace which always gets so cold.  I talked to a fireplace expert.  Turns out, it's normal for them to be cold.  Air comes down the shaft and around the fireplace to keep it from getting too hot.  There is no way to stop the cold air from coming in.  Every winter we pile blankets in front of it.  Now we know why.  I might have the chimney capped off but then I can never use the fireplace.  Might be worth it.  

Back to last Sunday.  I had a hard time waking up from the wedding but these two guys were ready to go!
 It was the last day for the Halloween celebration at Sesame Place so we went over and and met Todd, Ali and the boys.
 High 5!
 It was super crowded and such a beautiful day.  First, we went to the Count's show.  Elmo got close to us...
 Ariel was not happy.
 Noah was in shock I think.
I think I liked the show from the last couple of years better.

 The little ones were in a daze.
 Aden just kept asking why we dragged him there.  He's way too cool for this place.  

 Ali and Amy took the big kids on the scary rides.  Todd and I just watched.

 We ran into Lou and Jackie.
 Christian is getting big.
 The twins were good and didn't try and run away.

 We got home and found a preying mantis near the garage.
 We walked over to the neighbor's house to give baby Jake his present.
 Big baby and little baby.  Jake is cute and so small!
 Speaking of big, these huge new lovies are kind of nuts.  They are bigger than the boys but they love them.
 Aden was curled up in bed with Ariel watching a video and jumped away when I tried to take a picture.  he knew it would be blackmail worthy!

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