Wednesday, November 9, 2016


It's Wednesday night.  We had Ariel's parent teacher conference. Thankfully she's doing well with the academics.  Last year was pretty rough but she's finally understanding the alphabet and she really wants to learn.  Has everyone gotten rid of their Halloween candy yet?  Ours is still here and I keep nibbling at it.  

Back to music last week.  (yes, I'm very behind).  I took Noah myself.  Eli wasn't feeling well.

 Daddy and Noah time.
 Nate and Ali were having fun too.

 Snacks for Halloween.
 This girl had two kids and wanted one more.  While we got twins, she got triplets!  Wow!
 I went up to New York City to see the current incarnation of the band Yes.  The singer Jon Anderson painted this back in 1991.  I have had it since then.  I took a picture of it to show him.  
 I walked from Penn Station at 34th Street to the Beacon Theater at 75th and Broadway, 2 miles away!
 I'm really out of shape.  I should be able to walk 2 miles but it was hard.  A few times I had to stop and rest.  When I got there, I collapsed on the sidewalk and rested until my friend Jason got there about a half hour later.  
 Sold out show!
 It was a beautiful place.

 We got to go to the sound check and ask them some questions.  That was cool.  I also got to show Jon that I had his painting.  He remembered it!

Jason brought his concert shirt from 1984 for them to sign.

We sat right up close.  These pictures and videos were taken with my phone.  I have a ton more.  Just wanted to give you a small taste.

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