Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Tiny Star

It's Wednesday night.  We aren't traveling anywhere so I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.  What I mean by sleeping in is getting a chance to rest when the babies take their morning nap.  Vacation or not, they will be up by 7.  

Ariel finally finished her teepee.  
 They were all set up for Thanksgiving.
 Ariel was Tiny Star.

 Hey Eli!

 Poor Noah.  So tired.
 Noah modeling Aden's old snow boots.  He's ready!
 Best friends.
 Who strangle.
 The pull hair.

 Eli says banana.
 Ariel is getting good at her name.
 Bingo night at Aden's school.  They moved it to the gym this time.  We are coming off of Aden's big wins last year.
We actually got a sitter for the babies.  Amy wanted to come.

 Aden had fun messing around with his friends.

 We didn't win anything so we drowned our sorrows in ice cream.
 Have a great Thanksgiving!

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