Thursday, November 17, 2016

Spinning in the Doctor's Office

Checkup time!
 They always find what they aren't supposed to.
 Are you excited to see the doctor Eli?

All good!
 I bought this tent for Ariel and was either going to put it in her room or the basement.  I put it together in the family room and the twins immediately took it over!  They are so funny with it.

Brotherly love!
 Saturday, Ariel had a birthday party at Sky Zone.  Her party is also going to be there so I hope the kids all like it!

 Big jump Ariel!
 It was early, we had the place to ourselves.
 Do you think Ariel was able to slam dunk the ball?

 Someone isn't very steady.
 Ariel and Chloe had fun jumping in the big pit.

 They are so cute together.
 Then they played dodgeball.

 Uh oh, Ariel is out!

 Chloe and her mom Tara.
 Cake face!
 We got a sitter and went out to dinner that night.  See ya!

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