Thursday, November 3, 2016

Aden's First Soccer Tournament

It's Thursday night again.  My cousin Carol is coming in from Florida this weekend.  We are trying to get together a family lunch for 25 people.  That's like really hard to pull off!  It will be great to see everyone though.  It's our first weekend without soccer in 2 months.  We are debating Winter soccer in January, but for now, we have our Saturday's back!  So last weekend, Aden had his first CRUSA soccer tournament.  He had 3 guaranteed games.  The teams that won all three would go to the championship game that night.  We had a wedding to go to that night and it was going to be such a long day already, I wouldn't have been very disappointed if they lost a game or two.  (don't tell Aden that).

This popped on Facebook that day.  Cute.
9:00 am.  Game 1 against the best team.  
Some action shots.  Our boys were dominated.

 Go Finn!

 I love getting Aden and Jake in the same shot.

 Go Ben!

 Some live action.

They lost game 1.  All the parents were secretly happy but the boys were really upset.  

They call this Jackpot.  I think we used to call it Baby in the Air.  I love watching them make up games and play them.

Some shots of them playing around before Game 2.

Some strategy for Game 2 at 11.  
 Our boys did great.  
 Aden was super serious.

 Alway ends up on the floor.

Aden in the middle of the action.  

 They won game 2!
 They always went over the game when they were done.  I will get to game 3 and the aftermath in the next post.  
 While we were at soccer, Ariel had dance.  They wanted the kids to dress up.  They also surprised Amy by putting on a show for the parents.  These are her pictures.

 Cute!  Have a great weekend!

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