Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Be Our Guest

It was nice today.  We got outside with the kids a bit.  In case you were wondering, Ariel was successful with her sleepover at Eva's house.  We missed seeing her this morning but she had fun.  

These will finish up last week:
 Who needs to go to a salon when you have Aunt Bev?
Did I mention Aden lucked out and all his buddies are on his baseball team again with our friend Mike as the coach.  They had a meeting at Mike's house.  
 He actually had baseball rules and theory for the kids to study.  
 Then they wrestled.  
 Ariel had a fun treat.  She went with grandmom and Amy to lunch and to see Beauty and the Beast.  
Our Princess Belle was very excited.

 When Belle and Beast were dancing, Ariel got up and danced around and did a great job following their moves.
 We had a fun visit with baby Gwen.

 All the neighbor kids playing on our front lawn.
 Ariel is doing great on her bike.  Much better than Aden.
 That's sweet, Jason and Eli.
 Bingo night.  We had done pretty well at these in the past.
 Aden was all business.

 Ariel was more into socializing.  

 Sadly we didn't win anything.  It was also the last time we saw Jason's dad.  

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