Wednesday, March 1, 2017

6 Grandkids

It's Wednesday night at 9:15 and both the older kids are up with Amy in the kitchen.  They are doing whatever they can to avoid going to sleep.  Tomorrow morning the twins are both getting tubes in their ears.  It's going to be tough because we can't give them their milk when they get up.  

These are last Friday.  Amy took the twins by herself to the playground.  That's brave of her.  
 Eli stole someone's car.

 We met for lunch.  
 So big!
 Eva and Gwen came over after school.
It was nice enough to play outside with shot sleeves on! 
 All six kids playing together!

 We took a walk up to the school.  
 Everyone held hands.
 Then Noah decided to do it on his own.

 Notice how Ariel and Eva are in the stroller.  The twins walked!
 It was the annual Tricky Tray fundraiser at Aden's school.  You buy tickets and put them into the baskets you want to win.  There were almost 200 trays to bid on.
 And I bought a lot of tickets so the kids were busy for a while.

 Lots of fun things.  Games, toys, gift certificates, getting to be the principal for the day...

 We had a yummy pretzel and pizza and candy dinner.

 Balloon animals.

 We had to go back the next day to see if we won...

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