Sunday, March 19, 2017

First Tooth!

It's Sunday night.  We just had a nice visit from old friends.  I thought we might have a few minutes to ourselves before bed but I hear Eli crying upstairs.  Oh well.  Be back soon...  Ok, I'm back.  He sat with me downstairs for a bit then actually asked to go back to bed!  Amy and I went to fancy dance last night so it was a pretty fun weekend.  I just wish this snow would go away, tomorrow is the first day of Spring and all.  

These will finish off last weekend.  The twins were crazy Sunday morning.

 We went to synagogue for the Purim carnival.  The Rabbi was the Man in Yellow and and his daughter was Curious George!  Ariel was her usual princess.
 We met Ali and Lindsay and families.  
 There were lots of games to play.
 Only take 1 please!
 Aden played hockey the whole time and won a lot of tickets.  

 It was a pretty crazy scene.

 That's kind of scary.
Cute pic!

 Time to get our prizes!

 Aden and Ariel went to my parent's to make Hamantaschen.

 Noah was napping and Eli was not.  When he woke up, Eli brought a ton of toys in to the room and passed them to Noah in the crib.
 Loving that step ladder.

 Well it finally happened.  Ariel, who is way too young to lose a tooth, lost her first tooth naturally.  

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