Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dance the Night Away

It's Thursday night and the heat is running.  Ugh.  When will it be warm already?  You can't tell from this picture it's already Spring.  Last Friday, Aden finally got to play in the snow.  He and Jason had a snow ball fight.  
 That night my parents and grandmother came for dinner.  
 There was static in the air!

 Having fun with Bubbie.
 Aden was the best great grandson ever and put on a viola concert for my grandmother.

 Eli enjoyed those ribs.
 Paging doctor Noah.
 Good big sister reading to Noah.
 Bev wasn't there because she was on stage at the Academy of Music as an extra for the Pennsylvania Ballet.  That's so cool!
 The leprechaun left a message for Ariel.  
 Early the next morning Ariel and I went to Applebees for a fundraiser for Ariel and Eva's school.  Pancakes all around!
Ariel couldn't sit still, so many people to talk to.
 Lots of baskets to bid on.
 Ariel and her teacher.
 Up on the stepladder.

 That night, Amy and I charity dance at the NAC.  
 Our buddy Kelly put the party together and did an awesome job.

 We had fun eating and drinking and even dancing!  Have a great weekend!

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