Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nice Hat Eli

It's Tuesday night.  We have been cooking meals with Hello Fresh for a few weeks now.  I might have mentioned it.  We get a box once a week with the ingredients for 3 meals.  Tonight was beef tacos and guacamole.  Melissa joined us.  The food is usually pretty good but it makes such a mess.The kids all had fun playing.  Soon enough Gwen will be joining them!

Back to last week.  It was so warm, we were playing outside in short sleeves!  Aden and Jason were practicing football.

 Such a good big sister.
 We have to watch the boys.  They go right up.

 Sadly, they broke the tent.  

Ariel has a loose tooth!  Amy tried to get it out.
 Then she tried again but it's still there.
 Someone dressed themselves!

 It got cold again.  Eli put on his own hat.
 Back to class.  Hi Ali!

 Bari reads.  No one listens.
 Art is always a big hit though.

 Peek a boo.

 The science fair.  Aden was supposed to make a project but bailed once he realized he would have to explain it to people.  Maybe next year.

 Aden's teacher checking things out.
 Ben and Winston did a project together.  They wanted to see if ants navigation would be thrown off by magnets.  Not sure where they got that from.

 Having too much fun.

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