Thursday, March 16, 2017

Beyond Cute

It's Thursday night and it's still a winter wonderland out there and Spring starts next week!  Let's get to last weekend.  

Aden wrote a very nice paragraph.
 Friday morning there was a bit of snow.

 Ariel's friend Lucas' dad is a nurse.  He brought x rays for the kids to see.
 It was a quiet night.

Saturday Eli was contemplating the snow.  He says snow really well.
 We need to give this thing to Gwen already.
 Beyond cute.
 I dropped off Aden at baseball tryouts.  I was much more nervous about it than he was.
 I got a glimpse of Aden batting, but then I had to run to get Ariel.
 There's my little ballerina.

 Back to baseball.

Here is Aden fielding.  He did well.

 Ariel spent the day with Eva and Gwen.

 She's such a good cousin/sister/mommy.
 Ariel wanted to sleep over Evas so we left her there.
 We got a sitter for the babies and took dinner over to Melissa's house after they got the girls to bed.
 We left them with Heather and went to pick up yummy Korean food.

As we were finishing dinner, Ariel woke up and decided she wanted to go home.
 Oh well.
 We will try again soon!  Have a great weekend!

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