Monday, March 27, 2017

He Knows the Moves!

It's Monday night.  It was warm enough the neighbor kids got to play outside a little.  We were worried about Aden today but he seemed to have a good day.  The principal talked to the kids and some of them got really upset.  Aden went for a walk with one his teachers during the day to get a mental break.  We did get to see Jason a little.  It's all just so awful.

Someone was excited for music class!
 Watch Aden following Miss Marilyn.  
 He knows the moves!

 Marching around with Miss Marilyn.

 Hey there Nate!

 Uh oh, where is Eli?

 Hanging with the sitter while mommy and Ariel go to gymnastics.

 Go Ariel!

 Checking out Ariel's artwork.

 Good night!

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