Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bobby's Burgers

It's Sunday night and we are all sad and in shock.  Our neighbor and friend and dad of one of Aden's closest friends passed away today suddenly.  Aden and Ariel are both taking it hard.  We were just with them for a fun Friday night.  Just hug your loved ones and never let go.

Last Sunday, this was my memory on Facebook.  I remember this as if it were yesterday.  That might have been our last time in Miami too.
 Swim class.  Ariel is not supposed to be in the pool.  I keep telling her to stay to the side and not draw attention to herself.  She insists on swimming all around and talking to the teacher!
Noah doesn't look happy here but he was.  In fact, he kept trying to dive under!

She really shouldn't be wearing the float, I just can't be watching her the whole time.

There's my happy boy.

That afternoon we went to the Princeton Marketfair.  
 First a stop at Bobby Flay's Burgers.  

 Aden actually ate a hamburger.  This might have been his first.

 A little shopping.
  That night Becky and Larry and the kids came over.  
 Ariel and Daniella had fun.

 Aden played video games with Sammy.

 Cupcakes for everyone!
 We had fun with them.  It had been too long.  

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