Thursday, March 2, 2017

Solo Ping Pong

It's Thursday night.  The twins had their tubes put in this morning.  Thankfully it went well.  All 4 of their ears were still clogged with fluid so looks like it was the right decision.  I will get into the details of that later.  

Back to last weekend.  Aden practiced his ping pong.
 Then guitar.  I just found out his piano teacher teaches guitar.  I think Aden might be starting a third instrument.

 Noah playing and singing.

Back to soccer.  
 Aden is really getting into being goalie.

 A couple of saves.

 Ariel wanted to play.

 73 in February.  Crazy!
 We got back and headed over to the school for the end of Tricky Tray.
 They started calling winners.  
 We won our first tray!  Ariel was not happy that Aden ran to grab it.

 We ended up with 2.  A bunch of candy and a gift card to a local restaurant.  
 Then we played outside.  

 That night Andy, Alicia, Devin and Brendan came to hang.  
 Brendan had as much fun playing with the babies as he did with Aden.

 Video game time.

 Sixers game!  Have a great weekend!

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