Monday, March 20, 2017


It's Monday night.  The snow is finally going away.  Did you guys watch Dancing With the Stars Tonight?  It was pretty entertaining.  

Last we left Ariel she had just lost her first tooth.  She was excited to see that the tooth fairy visited while she was sleeping.
 The twins had a followup with the ENT.  All 4 ears looked good.  No fluid!

 Lollipops all around.
 Music class.  Eli jumped right on the lap.

 Someone was in a good mood.  

 Amy and friends.
 Look at the hair on this little baby!

 Aden and Ariel started new classes at the NAC.  First Aden had a parkour class.  I guess they start off slow before they start jumping off buildings.  

 I look forward to see where this leads.
 Then it was Ariel's turn.  Back to gymnastics.  
 Big class.

 Big jumps.
 Someone was getting exited for the blizzard of 2017 forecasted to come overnight.  
 Dr. Ariel checked us all out.  
 We let Aden stay up to watch the end of the Bachelor.  There wasn't a dry eye in the house when Nick proposed to Vanessa.
 They were forecasting 12"-18"  Schools and work were cancelled for the next day before bed so we didn't have to worry about any 5 am calls.  The snow started early.  

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