Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Taste of Purim

It's Wednesday night.  Ariel and I got out of the house today but the rest of them were stuck home.  Eli covered himself in yogurt so he's now running around behind me in nothing but one sock.  That's quite a sight.  You will see those pics soon.  I'm still about a week behind.  Now that the kids have more activities again, I should probably work to catch up!

Back to last week.  Someone is happy when he gets up.  
 Mommy and Me class.  
 Ariel joined the twins.
 Sweet! My two beautiful girls.
 3 of 4.
 Looking cool Eli.

 Let's get really close to the book!

 Project time.
 A quick trip to the shore.
 To set up the guest room!
 That night was a special service and pizza dinner for Purim.  Eli was amazed at the service.
 Lots of pizza!

 I guess this is the kid's table.
 Eli was very excited by the choice of cookies.
 The kids went crazy running around.

 There's Brody sticking his head out.
 Doggy kisses.
 The basement is a great distraction for the twins.
 Until they get into trouble.
 They sure love those Barbies.

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