Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Two Bite Club

It's Wednesday night.  We just came from a really amazing event. All the second third and fourth graders in the whole district were challenged to read 25 books in a short time then meet tonight for a challenge at the high school.  I will tell you all about it soon.  I will just say we are really proud of Aden.  He worked so hard for this and did a great job.  

Back to last week.  I thought this was pretty funny.  Ariel was congratulated for trying chicken!  I think oysters would have been more impressive.
The second day of the storm, I got Ariel to school and I went to work.  I needed to get out of that house!  A rare shot of both our cars squeezed into the garage.  That only happens for big snowstorms.
 What are you up to Eli?
 Some yogurt would be nice.

 But it's was more fun on my lap.
 He ended up naked.  
 Breakfast can be fun.

 We have been having a sitter come help us between dinner tome and bedtime.  Makes it go so much easier!

 She can play with the kids while Amy and I cook, eat and clean!  Now we don't have to way till the babies are asleep.

 The scary thing is I grew up with her mother.

 St. Patrick's Day!  Ariel forgot to wear green.  
 She had a lot of stories about leprechauns when I picked her up.  They colored the toilet water and their milk green!

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