Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Do We Put the Books Back?

It's the night before the blizzard of 2017.  Does anyone remember the blizzard of 1993?  That was the last time we had this much snow in March.  I could have done without it.  I just got the cars and trash cans in the garage and the shovels ready to go.  Aden has plans.  He, Jason and Ben and going to attack Jason with snowballs.  My big plan is to stay in bed.  The babies can fend for themselves.  I got someone to plow so no need to throw my bak out.  

In the morning, the boys drink their milk in bed with us then they wander off.  We are usually half asleep when they leave and by the time we figure out what's going on, it's usually too late.

 We give up.

 Oranges are a big hit in our house.
 Music class.  
 Kids and their balls.

 These things are fun.

 Loving her lap.
 Nate knows the boy's names really well!

 I like your hat!
 SNack time.
 Like I said, Aden will play just about anyone.  

 It's nice, I'm starting to be able to get picks of all four kids a little easier.  Maybe they like each other.
 Facetiming with grandma.  Eli has been initiating random Facetime calls.

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