Sunday, March 12, 2017

Where Is My Hour of Sleep?

It's Sunday afternoon and Daylight Savings Time has begun.  We just came from the warmest February on record to being absolutely freezing and there is a blizzard headed this way!  Such a bummer. We had a quiet weekend.  The kids had fun at the Purim Carnival today.  Amy did some food shopping today and it was crazy.  No one can handle a snowstorm.  Wish us luck!

Last weekend I took three of the kids to visit my grandmother.

 She was excited.  It was hard for me because the babies were uncontrollable.
 They were entertaining though.

 Ice cream time.

 This looks like fun.
 Race you!
 Sweet moment.  

It worked!  He started falling asleep.

 Time to go.
 Lead the way Eli!
 Eli's turn at swim.
 Blowing bubbles.
 Eli had a good time.

 Riding the boat.
Eli ran off.  I had to chase him everywhere.

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