Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017 Grange Festival

It's Tuesday night.  Part of the house is so warm.  Why do we keep having AC issues?  At least it's getting cooler the next few days.  We might be going to an air show tomorrow.  That will be different.  

Making pancakes!

 We went to the Grange Festival.  I think we missed it last year but I was determined to get the twins there.  It's a farm show very close to our house.  The twins got to say moo.
 And gobble gobble.
 There is Ali and Nate!

I think they liked the tractors the best.
 Pony ride anyone?
 I think I want to get a golf cart for the shore.

They ran off to see the fun trucks.
The rides were closed but the boys ran off to see them anyway.

 Elmo hats anyone?

 Fun times!

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