Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Musical Theater

So did everyone survive the solar eclipse.  We were supposed to get around an 80% reduction in the sun.  While it looked cool through the eclipse glasses, it really didn't make a huge difference to the environment.  It was kind of yellow out and cool but that passed quickly.  We know so many people were scared of being outside. That's kind of silly.  Here's last week.

Nothing like going in the pool in the family room.
 Just some silly pics.

 A visit from Nate.

 Paging Dr. Eli.
 Our little mommy.
 So Ariel was in 2 shows at camp.  This was the musical theater show.  So the kids were cute and tried hard but the play was pretty awful and almost 3 hours long!  They made a big deal that it was an original play and I'm not so sure that was a good thing.  

 Pretty big crowd.
Ali and Amy found people they knew.
 Amy, Ali and Todd's mom.
 We could not follow the story at all.
 I will throw in some video clips.  They didn't want us to tape ourselves so they could sell us a dvd.  As if.

The curtain calls when on forever.  Let us go home!

It was well after 10 and we have no idea what just happened but we were thrilled that Ariel was all smiles!

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