Monday, August 7, 2017

Stephan Jonas Walk

Sorry, forgot to post last night.  So now I'm really behind.  These are from last Saturday and Sunday.  We haven't been up to much.  Color Games started at camp.  Go Team Gold!  We saw a ton of family and friends over the weekend at the shore.  We got in 2 nice beach days and even had a blackout!  More on all that later. 

Last Saturday night the boys had a snack.  

 Then we met Mark and Melissa at Bocca for dinner.

 Everyone had to do pushups to work off dinner before heading to get ice cream.  Amy did the most.  
 Here we go.
 Back to the Dairy Bar.  Here's our surfer dude.

 The babies pretty much survive on ice cream.

 It was chilly!  I needed a sweatshirt and I never wear a sweatshirt.
 Very early Sunday morning, as in 6:30, Aden, Ariel and I headed to the Atlantic City boardwalk for a charity run in my uncle's honor.  Usually I bring the twins but Amy wanted me to let them sleep so they were't cranky later. 
Ready to go!
Practice sprints.
 My cousins came in the night before from LA.  It's a shame Aden and Noah don't live closer together, they are so great together.  
 So happy to see them!
 Lots of cousins showed up.
 Needed our strength for the big race.
 Tried to get a cousin picture.
 Aunt Fran ran the 5k.
 All the kids wanted to run the 1 mile.  I was going to walk.

 The girls hled hands for most of the race!

 And there off!
 The walkers went a few moments after the runners.  After a half mile, we turned around.  Aden passed by me first!

Then Ariel passed by me.  She ran the whole way!
 Slow walkers behind me.
 I made it in almost 18 minutes!
 The kids got a tour of an ambulance.
 Then it was time for the 50 yard dash.
 The first time Ariel did not come in last!

I won second place in the walk!  Got a nice bracelet.

 A big cousin picture.  You can see my sunglasses all the way to the right.

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