Monday, August 14, 2017

Margate Blackout

Still on last weekend.  Saturday night we grilled.  Bill and I ran to Casels to load up on food then we threw it all on the grill.  
 Patiently waiting.

 The grill works well.  Everything came out great.  So right after this picture was taken and as it started to get dark, we heard 2 loud bangs and then the power went out!  We called Atlantic City Electric and it was about 3000 houses.  We of course didn't have any candles or flashlights so we sat outside.  The power came back on in about an hour.
Someone sent me this video.  This is what happened!

Sunday morning.  The big kids were up early but they were good and let us sleep.
 The girls watch Jojo Siwa.  Whoever that is.

We went for a short walk on the Ventnor boardwalk.
 The girls were ready to go.  

 We only made it a few blocks.
 Then it was playground time.  
 We need a climbing wall at our house.

 The girls got some woman to push them on the tire swing.
 Playing hide and seek.

 We went back then headed to the beach.  It was a beautiful day.  
The girls kept very busy.

 Some of my high school friends were there.
 Brandon did great on the boogie board.
It was time to head to the pool...

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