Friday, August 25, 2017

Happy Birthday Clarisse!

It's Thursday night.  The house is quiet.  I'm trying to catch up on tv.  Aden watched the Eagles game tonight and was very into it. Where did that come from?  He never showed an interest before. We had a fun day hanging with our neighbor Melanie and the kids. Tomorrow we might go to the zoo!

Well hello there!
 Getting the tips ready for the last day of camp.
 I took several videos of when the kids got home from the last day of camp.  It's hard to watch so I will just post 1.  Needless to say, they loved camp

Heading to the Shore early Saturday morning.  No traffic!  That would be the fastest time we could get there.
 Chillin' at the shore house.
 They did this themselves.  Lol.
 Very serious Ariel.
 I went to meet my friend Nomi at the beach by myself.  
 Our once a year beach visit.  But for some reason they went to a far away beach and Amy and the kids didn't want to go.  
 That's quite a complex they are building.
 Jordyn had been watching the boys.
We went out to dinner for Clarisse's birthday.  We didn't make it very long.  The twins were a complete mess.  We took our food home.
 Then my parents and Amy's parents came over for cake.  

 Eli and Noah enjoyed it the most!

 Snuggles with my babies.

 Have a great weekend!

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