Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So Many Visiting Days

It's Tuesday night.  We just had a fairly successful dinner out with the 6 of us.  The babies actually sat quiet in the high chairs and even ate a little!  It's the small things!  It's carnival week at camp. The kids are enjoying it.  Aden and Ariel had their last book club tonight.  It's such a nice program.  The twins are talking more everyday.  The say I see moon and they are adding adjectives to nouns.  

Back to last week.
 Eli was rocking.

 Heather watched the twins so could go to dinner before we picked up Aden from late night at camp.

 The sky is getting dark!
 Camp is different at night.
 The kids were playing indoors.

 Ariel and Ava watching.
 Here comes Aden from late night.  They had an extra swim, played games, ate dinner, then made smores over camp fires.

 Teasing Noel.
 The next day.
 Aen wrestles with the twins.

 A couple of days later, Amy and her parents went to visiting day.

Someone said that Gryffindor won.  (Harry Potter reference)

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