Thursday, August 3, 2017

Flooded Streets

I saw this in the city and found it amusing.  
 Last Friday the boys kept themselves busy while we packed to go to the shore.  
 We saw Moose when we got down there.
 Who wants to go for ice cream?
 The twins wanted some french fries first.
 Quiet night.
 Then it was ice cream time.  We have it figured out now, we get a small vanilla cup and 2 cones and divide it between the boys.

 What, did I spill something?
 I love this look.

This happened when we got back.

The twins were pretty insistent that someone sleep with them, it was me.  This is how I woke up.  
 I went out to get lunch.  The roads were flooded from the rain.

 My fist time.  It was actually pretty yummy.
 Played outside with the boys a little on that cold, wet day.

 Now what did you find?  I have many more pics from the weekend but I'm done for now.  I will be back Monday!

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