Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Endless Doughnuts

Well there was some crazy weather today.  I was at work at it was sunny out and we heard thunder and saw lightening.  It took a while for the clouds and eventual rain to come.  It had been raining a chunk of the day near home and camp where they were on a rainy day schedule.  Ariel won a bunch of ribbons at camp during Olympic Week.  Aden didn't get any yet and he's super jealous.  I might have mentioned he really wants to get stronger and faster so he's going to have a few sessions with a trainer at the NAC to see what we can do.  

Amazing they still play with the house.
 Hey, what are you guys up to?
Oh, I see!

Yes Noah, we see the mess.


 Aden was playing with his friends who take karate when they started talking about the sit ups and push ups and burpies they have to do.

 Aden said that was all easy so they challenged him.
 The twins were like what?
 Yeah, not so easy!

I had 2 days of continuing legal education classes in center city Philly.  Of course I had to make a stop at Beiler's doughnuts at the Reading Terminal Market.
 Yum.  Choices, choices.
 I take my classes with City employees so the mayor and city council are usually there.  Here is mayor Kenney talking to us.
 There were about 300 people there for 12 hours of classes.
 Back to the market the next day.  I love this display.  It must take forever to cut all this meat.
 Back for some more doughnuts!

 They work so quickly, it's amazing to watch.
 Fog in the City.
 Yummy lunch in Chinatown.  
 On the way back to the train on the second day I thought about a doughnut till I saw the line!
 So I picked up some gluten free funnel cake and corn dogs for everyone!

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