Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Super Fast Aden

Uuuuge post! (as the President would say!) We went swimming at the NAC tonight.  The twins really love pools.  They cried when we left.  Alright, let me get to this.

Aden's first session with a personal trainer!  He liked it.  The trainer worked him hard.  
 Amy was with him.  She took a couple of pics.
 Some craziness.  The kids wrestle around the sofa.
 Playing with the neighbors.

 These stamps ended up everywhere.
 Who is up there?
 We checked out a different playground.  
 It was way too hot.  No one else was there.

 It's called Noah's Playground!
 We went to visit Eva and Gwen.
 We had time to waste until Aden and Ariel finished up their bood clubs.

 Last book club!
 Aden fought going this time but we think he enjoyed it.  
 Play time at Learning Express.

 Opening the new toys.

 Dot Dot!

 They like to brush their own teeth.  Yeah right.

 I came across this.  Look at Jason, Jake, Aden and Ben.  So little!
 It was dress up day at camp.  Of course she was Belle.
 Fun in the basement.
 We met Melissa for ice cream.
 Color War started.  Go Gold! Beat Brown!

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