Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SSDC Dance Show 2017

It's Wednesday night.  We took the kids to an air show today.  The older kids were bored and the younger ones scared.  Oh well.  You never know unless you try!  Last week we had Ariel's musical theater show, which I mentioned was pretty painful to watch, the next night we returned for the dance show.  This, we heard, was going to be much better and it was!
 The show was about an hour and a half.  Ariel was only in 1 number.  

They did not want us to videotape as they are selling dvds.  Are they serious?  Of course I taped what I could.

Our little star.

 She loves her Maddie.
 Some silly twin pics.

 You like daddy's painting?

 Ariel and her buds at camp.
 Look who came to dinner.

 All the sudden the sky got dark.
 The crazy thunderstorms came quickly.

 Right Gwen?
 That lead to a double rainbow.
  Nice brother reading to Ariel.

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